The Monroe County Sheriff's Office Strategic Plan for 2013-2016 has 6 Strategic Goals. The First includes CrimeWatch and is shown below:

VS CrimeWatch is an all-volunteer, no-cost organization dedicated to encouraging all our owners and residents to help in making Venetian Shores the safest neighborhood in the Florida Keys. We work directly with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and cooperate with the Venetian Shores Homeowners Association, although we are not affiliated with that organization. Each of the subdivision's 16 streets has a Block Captain team and the two longest streets have two such teams. The Block Captains, through being good neighbors, try to inculcate us all with the safe practies which have resulted in a marked decrease in crime since CrimeWatch was reactivated in 2010. Thank you for checking this web site and for participating in our efforts. 

John C. Cooper

VS CrimeWatch Coordinator