About Us

On behalf of the 19 Block Captains on the 16 streets of Venetian Shores and the 430 homeowners, welcome to the neighborhood!

This web site is intended to help you and your family play a part in our neighborhood Crime Watch Program by adopting and using "Crime-Safe" practices in your home and on your street.

In association with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, this Crime Watch Program, composed of your neighbors, was initiated in order to deter crime in our neighborhood. We hope to do this by encouraging all of us who live here to apply common sense, safety-first behavior and to keep our eyes and ears open to  suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary activities.

If you see something suspicious, call the Sheriff's Office at 911 or 664-6480 or 853-3211 and let them handle it. Do not attempt to confront anyone or fail to call and then regret it the next day when you learn something bad happened.

We will keep you posted by email as to the criminal incidents reported to the Sheriff's Office so that you will know what is actually occurring on our streets. We will also invite you to our periodic meetings with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office team in the Islamorada Station.

Again, welcome to Venetian Shores - A Crime Watch neighborhood!